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                        What are the mainly applications for heat therapy or cold therapy?

                        3 MAR 2014

                        HEAT THERAPY APPLICATIONS
                        Heat brings increased blood circulation to an affected area. This helps to relax tight muscles and restore flexibility in a wide variety of ailments
                        such as:
                        • Muscle pain/soreness
                        • Muscle spasms/cramps
                        • Arthritis
                        • Chronic neck or back stiffness
                        • Menstrual cramps

                        COLD THERAPY APPLICATIONS
                        Cold treatment actually expedites the natural recovery process by improving the healing effects of blood flow to an affected area. This helps to
                        reduce the swelling and pain caused by inflammation and relieves the discomforts often associated with:
                        • Joint/muscle injuries
                        • Back/neck pain
                        • Arthritis
                        • Sinus/stress headaches
                        • Post-surgical pain
                        • Sunburn/other burns
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